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Workmen's Compensation and No-Fault Insurance Dental Cases

Oral Surgery in Ridgewood

Many people don’t know where to turn when they have suffered dental or oral and maxillofacial injuries, resulting from an either on-the-job accident or in a “slip-and-fall” or motor vehicle accident, requiring dental treatment and their case involves Workmens’ Compensation or No-Fault insurance.

Over the years, Dr. Kollander has been called upon by many law offices to help these exact types of patients with their treatment. His services are sought after by many personal injury attorneys because there are not many dentists who are familiar with navigating the oft times complicated paperwork and filing of documents associated with these cases. His office is knowledgeable with many years of dealing with the ins and outs of the dental claims involving Workmens’ Compensation and No-Fault insurance cases. This is one pain that you and/or your attorney do not have to deal with!

Dr. Kollander is well-known among the personal injury attorneys in New York, however, if a patient lives out of the tri-state area, transportation may be provided if the individual patient’s case is deemed to be able to be treated by Dr. Kollander.